Founded in 2002, Island Architecture tackles every challenge.

Looking for an architect to design or remodel your dream home? Hiring an architect insures that your home is the best it can be. Why leave good design to chance with a in-house-builder or select a pattern house that does not work with the site? Island Architecture is a residential design firm specializing in vernacular (a style that has character that goes with the surroundings- not a box) and green architecture (using natural materials, recycled & non-toxic products). Our style reflects existing architectural precedents, creating new designs that work with the views and the site. We respect the site’s beauty, using either contemporary or historic precidents to inspire our work. Good design protects the investment in your home.
Nina has over 35 years of experience remodeling homes and creating new ones that look and feel as if they “belong.” She believes that design is a collaborative partnership based on your needs and the way that you want the spaces to function.

Architecture is the highest Art Form which requires problem solving of complex inter-related 3 dimensional shapes that people live in and call “home”. I design houses using 3D modeling, additions, remodels and renovations.

Many times people try to use digital programs to design their own house, and I can work with them to polish the design to make it really work the best that it can. It is all in the details and small little things that transform a home into something really special, verses a typical contractor redo or home improvement show failure. Using an architect insures that your investment in your house is all that it can be.

I focus on how it works from the inside out, not from the outside in. If the flow is not right to/from the front door, if the furniture is in the circulation path, if the work triangle is broken in the kitchen- all these things add up to a more useable house. Using 3D models of the house, we can look at the issues together to understand what works for your needs. And then there are the decisions on materials, fixtures, finishes, colors that I can help you with.

Looking forward to helping you with your dreams- give me a call, message or email!

Here are some videos of houses that I have done